Covid Vaccination

Last updated: 2021-12-06

Is it safe?



Reports from all over the world are flooding in about severe reactions and even death within days of receiving a dose of this vile pathogenic toxin, yet our government ignorantly forge ahead with their program.

What is in it?

First of all, this is not a traditional "vaccine". It is experimental gene therapy. It has been fast tracked for deployment without the usual precautions out of fear for an escaped bio-weapon from a laboratory in Wuhan, China. There are now several brands of "vaccine" on the market and none of them have passed FDA aproval in the USA (or anywhere else).

Normal vaccines contain the protein that we want our immune system to develop anti-bodies to, but in this one, the key ingredient is mRNA. That gives instructions to our own cells to manufacture the pathogen proteins. They also contain toxins that aim to trigger an imune response as well as a delivery mechanism to insert the mRNA into our living cells. The exact nature of these constituents varies from one manufacturer to the other, but our government's covid19 site is ominously silent about them which does not inspire confidence.

What are the Risks?


Linked Bitchute video is one of many exposing the deadly dangers associated with these injections: Pathogenic Priming and your vital organs may be destroyed by your own imune system. You can find many more on his highly informative channel. I personally also think that injecting millions of people with virus concoctions is highly likely to engender new mutant strains and the vaccine itself becomes contagious (assuming it isn't already).

Reporting adverse effects

Your vaccinator should report it to the Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM). There is also an online reporting form with New Zealand Pharmacovigilance Centre (which is presumably for reactions that occur after you've left the vaccination center). If you wish to discuss your symptoms you can call Healthline on 0800 258 5453.


Note: it's imperative these experimental drugs are monitored, so why is this information not directly available on the government covid19 site? Will they be publishing actual statistics to keep us informed, or will they shroud it in secrecy?

Who gains from it and who pays for it?

I could tell you how the "philanthropic" Bill and Melinda Gates foundation promotes vaccines, while the Gates family is heavily involved in eugenics and population control. I could tell you how much investment return they get on their patents and vaccine industry, that they are major contributors financing the compromised WHO. OTOH, you don't have to be Einstein to comprehend there is big money to be made from governments spending tax dollars on innoculating the entire population.

What this is all about is shutting down middle class businesses (as non essential) even though they have nothing to do with medicine. Instead they are putting all commerce in the hands of big multinational monopolistic corporations like Amazon, and huge super market chains, while your corner grocery store is forced to shut. I will let you do your own investigations on that.

Instead, here is a video introducing you to elite class ilk who are milking this covid oportunity:

I will, however be addressing the sinister NWO "illuminati" elites on a separate sub-domain.