clotted vs heathy red blood cells

Last updated: 2021-12-29

The story they don't want you to know

Social media keep deleting it 'to avoid vaxxine hesitancy' - but this is my understanding in a nutshell:

the Myocarditis Trail

If the vaxxinator fails to aspire the syringe to make sure it's in muscle tissue, then vaxxine may (albeit rarely) go into a vein (rather than remaining local to the muscle). It is then carried thru the whole body and some ends up in your bone marrow where blood cells are produced. Thus those red blood cells will have the 'spike protein' on their surface.

Once you have anti-bodies to the spike protein (i.e. on your second jab) that triggers your anti-bodies to attack the red blood cells. These then clog together in what is known as Rouleau (left image as opposed to healthy blood, right image). These tiny little clumps of red blood cells obstruct tiny blood vessels that are essential to feed major organs like the heart and... myocarditis is the result.

Government "one source of truth" say...

You don't have to be an exalted scientist, like Hipkins, Bloomfield and Siouxie to understand this, so what is their explanation? I'll post a link to it when I find it, but I doubt they have published one because I suspect this deceitful scum actually want people to die, so they can blame 'the virus' and promote more fear and division in society.