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Last updated: 2021-04-07

Fear mongering with INVALID data

Global Research
Both the WHO and the scientific assessment of Pieter Borger, et al confirm unequivocally that the PCR tests adopted by governments to justify lockdowns and the destabilization of national economies are invalid.

Number of cases quoted daily by the media in the course of the “First Wave” and “Second Wave”, were used to feed the fear campaign and justify robbing us of our inalienable right to liberty:

And Now we have entered a so-called “Third Wave”. (But where’s the data??)

It’s a complex web of lies. A crime against humanity.

Terrified and Kept in the Dark

My issue with our government is the absence of information on their government covid-19 website. Experimental vaccines are being rolled out at "warp speed". The manufacturers have been promissed idemnity while insurance companies are unlikely to cover you in the event of adverse reaction. The people need to know the risks we are taking before we can give informed consent to take part in this global experiment with humanity. For this purpose I have made a petition demanding the government provide the facts.

Pro Vax experts warn of severe consequences

I had put a link here to a video by a vaccine expert who was warning that these new "gene therapy" injections will actually weaken your natural imune system. The science he explained sounded well researched, rational and convincing, but youtube has taken it down. The mRNA injections are not normal vaccines and more and more highly respectable medical experts are warning of dire consequences. The I had linked something similar of Facebook I can no longer see that either


Governments all over the world are on a power trip. They are silencing the truth, and abusing the media to discredit real science. WHY?

Well it's all about profit for big-pharma moguls like Bill Gates: Tax exempt "philanthropist" foundations donate "sponsorship" and other emoluments to our elected representatives as a back hander, but make no mistake... it's us, the people who allegedly voted for them that are paying for it all. The only difference our elections make is who will be taking the bribes and the face of the ones administrating the very same policies that only ever serve the parasitic financial elites.

... but that's just a "conspiracy theory".

Ignorant Dismissal

Advance NZ
Our government and their compromised media propaganda machine cultivate a culture of willful ignorances. The first thumbnail opens a blurb from RNZ that dismisses an informative critical publication, but provides not one instance of proof for their accusations. Just more fear mongering and ignorant denigration. The second thumbnail presents the publication in question.