What is Covid 19?


Last updated: 2021-12-06

Where it came from

Originally dubbed the Wuhan Flu (because that's where it came from), the corresponding virus is identified with the year it was discovered (2019). This was so as not to upset the infantile tetchy snow-flake Xi Jinpooh, depraved communist dictator of China.


click the thumbnail to watch a video that explains how Covid 19 is the culmination of decades of gain of function research. The whole vaccine industry is based on mutating viruses and this recent zoonotic strain of flu is far more likely to have originated in a laboratory than through natural exposure to exotic bat species, as some would have us believe.

Given the profitability of injecting healthy people, there is a huge fincial incentive for the vaccine industry. The parasitic billionnaire "stake holders" of the World Economic Forum saw it as a golden opportunity for "The Great Reset" which is their bid for total world domination. The World Health Organisation is significantly funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. They are into birth control and have phenomenal investment in the vaccine industry. The United Nations agenda 21 is all about depopulation agenda in this 21st century. Too many concidences and let's stop trying to be nice. This virus was planned as a weapon of bio terror with which to hold humanity to ransom and commit global genocide.

Covid 19 is almost certainly a weapon of bio terror and genocide. It is aimed at reducing humanity to indentured servitude as a resource for fruition by a parasitic financial elite of wannabe Gods.

How does it affect you

The virus was engineered to utilize an HIV-like spike protein to deliver it into out cells where it is replicated. It attacks specifically the lungs from where it can be exhaled to infect other people. It reduces your immune system making the lungs prone to secondary infection like pneumonia.

Your first line of defence is a strong immune system. Supplements like vitamin D and Zinc are known to boost that and you will likely develop natural imunity to the virus. Other tried and tested therapeutic drugs like hydroxy chloroquine were found to be highly effective in preventing covid-type viruses from penetrating the cell wall, while anti biotics help fight off secondary bacterial infections. Health practitioners who refused to presribe them for those infected have no excuse for their malpractice.

Now for some good news. The bio weapon was a flop. Annual mortality rates plumeted and the sinister creepy authorities were soon scraping the barrel to drum up an illusion of "pandemic", but don't be too sure they won't release an upgrade "covid 21" perhaps to justify their draconian emergency plans,

How dangerous is it?

Maybe we got lucky, but for whatever reason this bio weapon has turned out to be as insignificant as the common cold. Malevolent intent from authorities is proven as they desperately clutch at straws trying to hoke covid death figures to incite fear (bio terror), but death statistics clearly show there is no pandemic in comparison to any other year.

So what is the real truth... Health Professionals have united to denounce the global scientific fraud. The truth is that World Economic "Stake Holders" do not own this planet. They have never been anything other than parasites on humanity. We don't owe then the artificial cumulative world debt and the only reason things have come this far is because our elected representatives are corrupt, duplicitous and lack integrity.

The PCR test


The human body did not evolve to cope with ANYTHING being shoved up there and there have been many cases of delicate brain and spinal membranes being punctured, causing serious injury. The test doesn't mean you won't contract the disease tomorrow, so it really means nothing at all, especially since it was never intended for diagnosis: The PCR test produces many false positives based on RNA fragments that might be left over from unrelated infections like the common cold, that have long since cleared up.

Inflated case numbers and alleged asymptomatic transmission is a scare tactic.

Our own government abuses it to impose wanton lockdowns and quarantine, as well as justification for "emergency" legislation that robs us of our inalienable rights. Then they hold us to ransom demanding unquestioning compliance, invasion of privacy, tracer apps and vaccination certificates or lose your job.