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Get Vaxxed or Not?

Last updated: 2021-12-06

Image: Wuhan rushhour traffic while lockdown is in effect

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background to this site

I created this site firstly to demand explanations, facts and updates from government experts about the Covid 19 pandemic and their strategy in dealing with it.

I initially also intended to rationalise prominent but often diverging and conflicting insights that were flooding in from all over the world, but there were so many of them that they were fueling mass hysteria and many simply preferred to blindly trust the government single source which remained woefully inadequate for anything other than a list of mandates and prohibitions.

The vaxxine roll-out

Today our government is piling on pressure to coerce people go get our jabs, but still they fail to provide the information we need to assess our health vs. harm risk, so I went to talk to my doctor. These days that seems to be any medical practitioner who happens to have a 15 minute time slot available during the next couple of weeks at the surgery where I'm enroled.

This one told me he had just been on a covid seminar hosted by Pfizer. Our government have a contract with them to supply us with their Covid-19 vaxxine, but flatly refuse to disclose the terms of that contract under any circumstances. It is however known that Pfizer have been granted total imunity from liability for adverse effects of their product. None of this inspires confidence that his advice will be motivated by genuine engagement with my health concerns.

He started telling me that I ought to get the jab, and so I mentioned that I was diagnosed with pulmonary embolisms (irreversible blood clots in the lungs) subsequent to a legionnaires infection some years ago. I mentioned there was suggestion that vaxxines might be causing blood clotting. I explained that on a previous visit a doctor had told me not to rush into anything until we knew more. This doctor now claimed that the "extremely rare, alleged blood clotting" was with Astra-Zeneca brand of the vaxxine, and not with Pfizer. I, however felt there might be a conflict of interest in the seminar being provided by the drug company, rather than independent medical experts and scientists, who might be more likely to put people's health before financial gain. Given the huge amounts of money involved it is a sad reality in <current year> that individual experts and politicians that the government employs would be easily enticed by corruption and so, not being experts ourselves. we need to use our common sense and fact check the official narrative against independent, yet credible sources to reach an informed decision.

I mentioned that I had heard the vaxxine does not give immunity from the disease and does not stop one spreading it either, but this doctor responded that symptoms of the disease would be much less severe in those who were "fully" vaxxinated, than in those who were not. He said the latest "Delta" strain of Covid-19 was not only more easily tranmitted, but also more deadly. He said given my condition, catching covid without being vaxxinated I would be at much greater risk. OTOH I read "delta" was actually milder and that it is a mutant strain that the vaxxine does not protect against. I also heard that natural immunity is superior to resistance acquired from the vaxxine and that the vaxxine reduces our ability to develop natural imunity. So... what is the truth then? I'm not going to just take this doctors word for it. or do my own research and draw my informed conclusions?

The Vaxxine Scam

The effectiveness of isolating us is questionable and not sustainable. Evidence suggests that the vaxxines and other emergency measures may be a far greater threat to our wellbeing than the alleged "pamdemic", thus I suspect there is an ulterior agenda behind the current government strategy, however my primary concern right now is whether I should or should NOT get the vaxxine and we can discuss "conspiracy theories" later.

I use the term "vaxxine" with double x (standing for the two jabs we would currently have to take) because it is not a traditional vaccine. It is an experimental genetic technology that has had very bad results when tested on animals and so does not qualify for use on humans without our informed consent.

The Virus
... is an flu-like infection. As such it is likely to be prone to mutations and so long term imunity be it acquired natirally or in response to a vaccine will be unlikely.
Fatality Rate
Although rather unpleasant symptoms, practically all otherwise healthy people will recover even without treatment.
The Vaxxine
Unlike conventional vaccines it contains genetic material that hijacks the patient's own cellular reproduction mechanism to manufacture a "spike protein" that allegedly would be the HIV-like mechanism thru which the virus infects living cells
Apparently the vaxxine does not cause people to become imune to the disease and neither does it stop them transmitting it to others, but allegedly people who have been vaxxinated will suffer less severe symptoms from the disease than those who have not.
Adverse Reactions
Severe adverse reactions to the vaxxines occur in some. These include miocarditis, neurological diseases, blood clotting and death.

There is big money riding on the vaxxines and politicians might easily be persuaded to commit significant national budget to them even when there might be more appropriate response. The information we are given thus becomes tainted with a political agenda especially when the 4th estate (media) are receiving large payments from the government like they are here in New Zealand. Illnesses are being recorded as Covid when in reality the main disease of the patient would be something unrelated. Suspiciously the usual seasonal flu has completely disappeared and that suggests it's incorrectly being diagnosed as Covid. The alleged number of cases is based on a PCR test that they are running at far too many cycles for it to give reliable diagnosis. Also it allows them to tweak the test to get whatever result suits them. I would think we want clear statistics of how many people are suffering actual health issues with and without these jabs. Comparing like with like, regarding ages and comorbidities would tell us how effective and safe this experimental procedure is, The governmen do not appear to be doing that. Thus we simply can't believe our one source of truth, without fact checking it against information from independent sources. The vaxxines cause our own cells to produce the toxin and so our immune system is triggered into action against our own cells. If these spike proteins manifest in blood vessels or even in blood cells themselves it would certainly explain the blood clotting and by clogging tiny blood vessels these could cause all sorts of organ failures. If the spike protein manifests in nerve cells then they too may come under attack from the imune system and that could cause neurological damage. The vaxxine is meant to be intra muscular causing a localised imune response, but those giving the injections are neglecting to aspirate the needle to check it's not accidentally landed in a blood vessel from where it could be transportted throughout your whole body. This would explain the severe reaction encountered in only some patients. Flu viruses are exteremely prone to mutations and so one should expect new variants of Covid 19 to be emerging all the time. With billions of people all vaxxinated he vaxxine ONLY triggers an imune response to one single protein and so in the virus and so any Unlike then it willwill be attacked causing the lack of oxygen to major organs like the heart. resulting in

Pandemic of Fear

When news of the novel Covid-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) became public, people were uncertain what we were dealing with. There was initial reluctance to restrict travel or impose quarantines and we had no reliable way to screen people for infection.


Speculations were rife, and I made a video at the time discussing prevailing "conspiracy theories" (some of which have since proven to be fact). The absence of peer reviewed scientific studies and also inconsistent statements and flip-flopping on policies within organizations like the WHO fomented fear motivating people to comply without questioning emergency measures.

Our New Zealand government declared their website to be the sole source of truth on the matter, but alas it fails dismally to give information explaining what we were dealing with. All one can find there are prohibitions and mandates with little justification as to why.