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Last updated: 2021-03-14

Dear Ashley R. Bloomfield

chief executive officer of the Ministry of Health

I gather we paid you $528,000 last year for your expertise, but today we, the citizens of New Zealand, are putting you on notice. Our government insists that the government covid19 web site would be the only reliable source of covid related information in our country, yet to date said site has communicated little more than draconian prohibitions and impositions that infringe on our fundamental human rights. We have serious questions about the justification for emergency measures, yet the government provides no facts, just scare mongering, shaming and intimiation.

Where is the evidence that we would even be in a pandemic?
Statistics do not suggest the alleged virus would be any more deadly than other flu epidemics
Where is the evidence that the PCR test currently in use is reliable?
The person who developed the test has stated it is not fit for the purpose of diagnosis, while the testing itself is invasive and may result in serious injury.
Where is the evidence that the tracer application is any use to stop the spread of covid19?
It's a violation of our privacy, and simply none of your business where we go and who we see.
Where is the evidence that wearing face masks reduces the spread of covid19
Facemasks do not trap viruses but do pose other threats to our health. Comparative risk analysis is required.
Where is the evidence that lockdowns are saving lives?
Lockdowns are ruining people's livelyhood, depriving us of recreation and social contact while devastating our economy. The window for "flatening the curve" has expired.
Where is the evidence that the alleged "vaccines" achieve anything?
Evidence is mounting that this "cure" is worse than the disease and it's even killing previously healthy people.
Why does the government site not list the ingredients of the vaccines. We need an explanation of how they are supposed to work.
It is against the Neurenburg code to administer experimental medication to anyone without informed consent and it is not possible to give informed consent if one has not been informed. I draw you attention to your hypocratic oath. Knowingly putting people's lives at risk is manslaughter. Neither you in your official capacity, nor anyone else can have indemnity for that.
Why does the government site not provide facilities for reporting adverse vaccine reactions?
Is the department of health even monitoring it and if so, then how about you publish the figures?

I won't harp on, but unless you pull your finger out and provide disclosure of the actual facts behind this pandemic, we will ignore your whining about conspiracy theories and find what we want to know from other professional and credible sources.

Government Propaganda

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brain-washed, shallow and ignorant

The covid scare is not cool. Mr Bloomfield is no popstar. Stop wasting our tax money on this nonsense. Filling young people with dread, shaming and intimidating them is no way to elicit public compliance. We need access to clear peer reviewed science that quantifies the threat and shows these intrusive measures to be justifiable. We don't believe you have it, and so until then the government gets a vote of no confidence: Stick your lockdowns, mask mandates, tracer apps, and virus jabs up your arse, Mr Bloomfield!

Coronavirus Plushie is a Bitchute channel with a wealth of information of well researched and documented facts about the alleged "pandemic". You will learn a lot more from them than from our government's political propaganda machine.

Fear and Propaganda

Purpose of this site

While the government remains derilict in it's duties to inform the public I will be adding pages to the Index menu where people can find useful links and information to allay their fears and help New Zealanders make rational choices about the threat of Covid19 and vaccination and emergency measures.

I have also created a petition asking them to provide information. Click the thunbnail to view it and please do sign if you agree as I've already recently seen some refreshing updates on the official covid19 site.

Shortly after enabling access to discussions posted on these pages with Gab's Dissenter so that everyone can read them, I noticed dissenter is no longer sharing mine to Gab despite me asking it to do so. I am very dissapointed with Gab's pretense to be a free speech platform and beginning to suspect they are just another controlled opposition gulag, for public opinion. I've contemplated going back to Disqus, but have finally decided to shift my focus onto creating my own dissenter-style commenting platform... not sure how I will cope if it ever becomes popular... but what will be will be!